As an Intuitive based salon we go beyond "just doing hair" by specializing in supporting beauty in all areas of the body, mind, and spirit - in a soothing, pet-friendly environment. Jennifer has been a Cosmetologist for 28 years - from Pompano Beach Florida, having the blessing of 19 years being based in Banner Elk.

Experience unique simply because it's available to be experienced.

Holistic services are offered by mastered natural medicine practitioners, spiritual mediators, and traditional healers. We offer a variety of intuitive care practices that enhance healing, spiritual alignment and personal ascension and are devoted to harmonizing the body and mind with the spirit-soul. 

Born out of our love of feeling good about the self, Beyond Hair Studio has become the salon for intuitive design and healing therapy for body, mind, and spirit. 


We are dedicated to offering intuitive personalized service. We have also taken great care in assembling an environment that is natural and welcoming ...

and that includes welcoming pets!


Come enjoy and experience ... Yourself!

Beyond Hair Studio​

Call for  Appointment- +1-828-260-7750.

Walk-in clients are accepted when time allows.

Hair Services

Holistic Services

Personalized Care for Men & Women 

Wellness formulas are intuited for your specific needs. Blends are crafted without damaging chemicals, energy infused with healing  properties and especially useful for those experiencing illness. Formulas support the body, mind, energy, and spiritual/meditation  benefiting both inner and outer harmony.


Wellness Products