Canna Companion has three different whole-plant formulas, each made from the mature stalks and seeds with their own unique CBD:THC ratios and terpenoid profiles: one oil formulation and two capsule formulations (regular and extra strength). “Whole plant” refers to the broad chemotypical composition of the formulation (phytocannabinois, terpenoids, and flavonoids), not the parts of the plant used in the formulation.


Regular Strength capsule formulations have 3:1-4:1 CBD:THC ratios; while our Extra Strength capsule formulations have a 5:1-6:1 CBD:THC ratios and different terpene profile. We recommend the Regular Strength formulation for most pets, reserving Extra Strength products for neurological health and end of life comfort, or for those pets who are not seeing desired results with our Regular Strength formulation.


Oil formulations have 3.5:1-5.5:1 CBD:THC ratios. We recommend the oil formulation for pets that are requiring more immediate endocannabinoid system support or are hard to pill. Canna Companion Whole Plant Hemp Oil is derived of clean, balanced hemp (stalk and seed) oil that is cold pressed and CO2 extracted.

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