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Alchemical Wellness and Spirit Mediation

Intuitive Messaging & Consulting

Energy Healing Therapyfor people and animals

Mediation for children experiencing their extra-sensory abilities

Lakai Energy Head Massage

Animal  Communication

Art and/or Sound Therapy

Soul Business Intuiting 

 Quantum Therapy

Symbolism Analysis 

N.D.E, Death  & Afterlife Consulting - Hospice/Death/N.D.E. related transitions (no charge)

Private Wellness Therapy ~ Stretch therapy sessions, Breath-work, Visualization, Art, Light, or Sound therapy etc.

Mindful Foundations

Stress Management 
Holistic Education
Manifestation Techniques

Holistic Herbs and dietary consultation

Energy and Brainwave optimization

Soul  Purpose and Creativity

Extra-Sensory Enhancement

Self /Life Enhancement 

Dimensional Consciousness

Planetary Influences

Sacred Text and Religious Freedom

 Personal Angel and spirit guide messages

​Services are offered at 50.00hr or by intuited donation or "Soul expression"

Funds support "The Breath of Spirit Mindfulness Program" (non-profit educational program) 

~ Devoted to helping people and animals receive relief and healing through the power of energy~

Jennifer is a wellness intuitive (aka medical intuitive) and innovative leader in the fields of body, mind, spirit, soul medicine. Through her energy work she perceives expansive information concerning the physical body and beyond. As a teacher she guides people in understanding how the body, mind, spirit disagreement within dwells as the root cause of illness, disease and life challenges.

For the People

Our energy is the source of all things that take place in our lives – including how we feel. Learning to work with and cultivate a unified relationship with our energy promotes powerful wellness in all aspects of our life, body, mind, spirit and total wellness. Energy therapy helps us do just that by enhancing vitality, creativity, and overall personal growth.

Energy therapy does not fix or cure the perception of something being “wrong with you.” It does, however, stimulate the brains neurons and spiritual energy to open stagnant energy channels so that you may embrace your higher consciousness to become well, harmonious and in awe of life. The body-mind-spirit needs free-flowing energy, therefore, there are no harmful effects received from energy balancing. Aside from receiving balance to heal quickly from illness and injury and pain - energy therapy promotes relaxation, grounding, inner awareness, inspiration, and clarity to resolve problems and manage stressful situations. The greatest benefit takes place within by sparking the inner creative energy that connects us with our legacy, living purpose, and soul essence. Here, we are able to awaken and grasp personal advancement and identify with our true being as an energetic being with powerful life force energy - just waiting to be received and shared.

An energy practitioner senses (feels) the energy vortexes in all things and offers re-balancing and restoration to all energy sectors. Working with energy is based on divine source and the abilities tethered with that relationship rather than physical manipulation and human ability. This sacred channel allows a crystal clear pathway to beneficially impact the physical, emotional, mental and spirit-soul life-force energy. When the energy within a person becomes disturbed or ceases to flow with the life-force energy we become unhealthy, stagnant, lifeless, ill and out of balance.

Jennifer receives at the soul-mind, extra-sensory level as a conduit with the essence of natural creation which transforms inner energies to restore wellness and inspiration. As a catalyst, one's life-force energy becomes not only inspired but also catalyzes personal ascension. The core of consulting and energy therapy is with holistic spiritual understanding and teaching how to enhance one's own energetic relationship to align with their energy as it flows through the body, mind, human spirit, and ethereal soul. Energy therapy empowers the immune system, releases blockages, and re-balances the life- force. 

All energy work is cultivated divinely in accordance to the highest level of wellness that they are able to receive. Ultimately the most blessed gift of energy work is that it enhances our ability to connect with our sacred inner self. Jennifer's work not only involves restoring energy to a balanced and beneficial state but she shares the wisdom - teaching others how to help themselves to further their own well-being. If you feel that you may need a little extra sacred breath in your life – then, give us a call.


From insect to horses to wildlife and every breathing thing in between ~ All are energy.

Animals who are dealing with physical, emotional, and mental struggles and/or health issues can benefit greatly from the power of intuitive energy healing therapy.
Healing therapy works through the practitioner communicating and intuiting the animal's energy and emotional needs. Then, by sharing specific energy techniques we awaken the animal's natural inner ability to heal so that comfort and wellness can be attained. Healing energy therapy is non-invasive and safe. It is based on an intuitive relationship between the therapist and the animal. It is this natural union that restores flow to the life-force energy so that wellness can be restored.

Energetic magnetic fields are the main pathway to which animals communicate and navigate through life.  Everything in the universe and beyond, all living organisms, all living organs, cells, and every living body vibrates energetic electromagnetic fields. The body is merely the vessel to which the inner energy communicates. In this, the energy created by negative or harmful experiences (and emotions) permeate living things and transfers into the cells of the body. As an intuitive energy practitioner, I facilitate flow with the animal’s energy and redirect cellular awareness so that healing and comfort may follow.
Energy speaks long before the body actually signals us that something is misaligned in the energy field. The first signs of inner imbalance are low energy, weakness, pain, lethargy,  disinterest, and lack of eating and drinking. These are the signals letting us know that the animal (or person) needs healing therapy before it develops into a deeper concern.  If an animal (or person) has negative experiences and emotions then there is an interruption of flow with the life-force energy. This is where if left uncared for, sickness often follows.

If you have an animal that is suffering in any way energy therapy has been proven time and time again to bring them peace, comfort, and many times, total healing of their afflictions – regardless of perceived severity.
Please note that Healing touch energy therapy does not stop the process of the soul crossing over. But it does benefit them greatly by aligning their energy with the divine source which provides them great comfort and joy.

Suffering in any way is unnecessary.
Do for you and your animals what you would want done for you.


The use of medicinal plants dates back to the Paleolithic age, approximately 60,000 years ago. The oldest, lengthiest, and most important medical papyri originated from ancient Egypt (Ebers Papyrus) dates from about 1550 BC. Its recording consists of more than 700 drugs, mainly of plant origin. Modern pharmacopeia even derives many of our current medications from plants.

Using plants as natural medicinals is an ancient relationship of using that which came before mankind and the adulteration of man's touch... the natural way.  Plants are purposeful in the life of human survival and cellular function. Thereby, honoring the use, purpose, and relationship of plants, flowers, and herbs is not a "new age, witchy or hippie practice" - they are all Earth's original medicineand necessary for the body, mind and spirit to be well-balanced.  

Holistic Therapy encompasses a wide range of energy based systems sourced in Ayurvedic and Alchemical practition techniques benefiting all areas of being ~ Life, Body, Mind, Spirit, Illness, Nutrition and Divinity. As an energy practitioner, I merely offer assistance as a vessel and voice of ethereal transmission to which itself, offers a simultaneous cleansing and release of dogma and self-created burdens. The following modalities are assistive in promoting freedom of spirit so that the soul's essence may begin to lead one's mindfulness.

Note - Energy therapy is not intended to replace conventional medical or psychological treatment. We do not treat or diagnose medical conditions. Prior to receiving energy work always seek the advice of your licensed medical practitioner.

My "Spiritual encounter on Earth" at Beyond Hair Studio...
"Our footsteps take us on many unexpected journeys and we learn from every single one. I was given an extraordinary gift on one of these journeys. I walked into a lovely shop in Banner Elk, NC for a much needed haircut and was approached by two 4-legged greeters and behind them walked this lovely woman with a glowing smile and wisdom showing from her eyes.
I went for a haircut and walked away with the memory of words shared between friends. I had been carrying a load of bricks and they dropped from me to the ground as she shared her life experiences with me and I shared my secret pain with her. That day will stay with me forever. Angels come in all forms. Thank you beautiful lady. I'm back in the mountains where I am the person my soul knows. Thank you Jen. Blessings, Lynn D."

Energy Changes Everything