Energy Therapy

We are Energy... Life is Energy

What is energy
As beings of energy (including pets, plants and all living things) energy therapy is a necessary part of our natural design. Energy is not religion nor new-age hooplah. It is the biological core of all living things. All things transmit, receive, and are affected by energy. Without energy, we would not have a heartbeat or breathe. Nor would the food we eat be able to be converted into energy. This alone reveals the importance of why we must support a healthy energetic body. 
Energy is the invisible foundation of our entire health and well-being. Many people don't pay any attention to its force providing us life as it's a reality of existence that moves us differently than our normal, everyday “to-do list” reality. Our energy is the source of all things that take place in our lives – including how we feel. Learning to work with and cultivate a unified relationship with our energy promotes powerful wellness in all aspects of our life, body, mind, spirit and total wellness. Energy therapy helps us do just that by enhancing vitality, creativity, and overall personal growth.

What Energy Therapy Offers
Energy therapy does not fix or cure the perception of something being “wrong with you.” It does, however, stimulate the brains neurons and spiritual energy to open stagnant energy channels so that you may embrace your higher consciousness to become well, harmonious and in awe of life. The body-mind-spirit needs free-flowing energy, therefore, there are no harmful effects received from energy balancing. Aside from receiving balance to heal quickly from illness and injury and pain - energy therapy promotes relaxation, grounding, inner awareness, inspiration, and clarity to resolve problems and manage stressful situations. The greatest benefit takes place within by sparking the inner creative energy that connects us with our legacy, living purpose, and soul essence. Here, we are able to awaken and grasp personal advancement and identify with our true being as an energetic being with powerful life force energy - just waiting to be received and shared.

How our energy flows
An energy practitioner senses (feels) the energy vortexes in all things and offers re-balancing and restoration to all energy sectors. Working with energy is based on divine source and the abilities tethered with that relationship rather than physical manipulation and human ability. This sacred channel allows a crystal clear pathway to beneficially impact the physical, emotional, mental and spirit-soul life-force energy. Our energy centers of the living body are portals giving life-force energy to our body-mind-spirit system. As designed, in providing life force energy to the body, our energy flows along the central channel of the body from the base of the spine to the c-spine. For the mind, our energy flows into the top of the head. For our human spirit the energy flows around the outside of the body and for our soul, the energy flows above and into, the top of the head. As invisible circular vortexes spin in tandem with our being, creation and the universal/cosmic essence vitalizes life to our glands, organs, blood and all facets of our being. When the energy within a person becomes disturbed or ceases to flow with the life-force energy we become unhealthy, stagnant, lifeless, ill and out of balance.

Jennifer receives at the soul-mind extra-sensory level as a conduit with the essence of creation (source/god) which transforms inner energies to restore wellness and inspiration. As a catalyst in communion with the ethereal beingness and divine spiritual forces, one's life-force energy becomes not only inspired but also catalyzes personal ascension. The core of consulting and energy therapy is with holistic spiritual understanding and teaching how to enhance one's own energetic relationship to align with their genuine soul being.

Energy therapy Modalities are expansive, individualized and soul based encompassing quantum movement of life force energy. This is an aspect of ancient tribal (Native American) medicine aligning one's life force as it flows through the body, mind, human spirit, and ethereal soul. Coupled with Bio-energy stimulation energy is drawn in to empower the immune system find blockages, release and re-balance energy systems which cleanse and restore one's aura. Healing Touch and Polarity therapy unify with the brains energetic currents and may also be utilized to attract, repel, and neutralize non-beneficial energy. Quantum breath-work is another modality that enhances our living essence. It is performed with pure breath and used to re-filter harmful, stagnant, contaminated energy from the body and organs.

All energy work is cultivated divinely so that one's energy may receive the highest level of wellness that they are able to openly receive. Ultimately the most blessed gift of energy work is that it enhances our ability to connect with our sacred inner world so that we may soulfully evolve. Jennifer's work not only involves restoring the soul's energy but also higher consciousness teaching, personalized remedies, life tips and self-help materials to further one's home progress to support continued well-being. If you feel that you may need a little extra life-force breath in your life – then, give us a call.

Energy work is soul based. It is not intended to replace conventional medical or psychological treatment. It is intended to be a complementary therapy. When receiving energy work always continue to seek and follow the advice of your licensed medical practitioner.

Energy Balancing and Restoration

Lakai Energy Head Massage

Intuitive Consulting

Animal Wellness Consulting

Environmental Cleansing and Adjustment
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Soul Business Consulting and Design

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