DUTCH Complete...$375 *   w/ Health Coaching       

HepC ...$45     

H-pylori...$95 3

C-Pneumonia... $75

Complete Blood Profile…4-8hr fast. Drink water.....$40 18+tests: Full lipids(HDL, LDL), electrolytes, proteins, glucose, plus heart, liver kidney enzymes. Ideal if taking statins, a-fungals, niacin, red yeast, NSAIDs

Executive Profile... ($190 value) 30+ tests …...$60

Compelte Blood Pro above plus  CBC (Cell Count) h-globin, crit, red & white cells, platelets & thyroid(TSH).   Add FREE T4 for only $10 &  FREE T3 for $25.

Thyroid Profile  TSH, FREE T4,  FREE T3, TPO & ATG...$95 Add Reverse T3 for only $45.  Add B12, folate, Ferritin, and Iron panel for $65.

CarbTrak Complete BP above + Insulin + A1c  10-12 hr. fast.. $95 1

Ox-LDL Incr. carotid IMT 300-500%.    Incr. Ht. Attack risk ....$95

Homocysteine Linked to Alzheimer’s and CHD... $50 1

C-Reactive Protein tests for general inflammation...$40 Cannot have current or recent infection, allergy, injury or inflammation.

ApoB/A1 Direct LDL / HDL particle counts  non-fasting.......$85 Replaces VAP.  The AACC: ”ApoB preferred vs NMR”. Non-fasting

PlacTrak  I.D.s  rupture-prone plaque…Plactest.com...$105 Test for unstable plaque. ^ Events 85%.  Even predicts Stroke w/ low LDL. 

HeartTrak1SAVE $205 ….. 40+ tests........Add Plak for $85..$250 CBP above +ApoA/B, CRP-hs, Homocyst., ferritin, Vit b12, a1c, cbc, tsh, ft3, ft4.

HeartTrak2 HTk1+PlakTrak+OmegaTrak+Fibrin..save $290   $395

MaleTrak  Est., Free testo, IGF-1, u/a, iron, PSA ..reg $320 ...$210

Vitamin D.key for bone, heart, brain, Fibro-Mialgia immunity,    $50 ADHD, sad, asthma.  Affects 200 genes.  See vitaminDcouncil.org

BrainChem3  Behavior disord? ADH, ANX, DEPR,SAD?  $395 Altered Brain Chemistry may be root cause of many behavior problems. 35+ tests: Histamine, Pyrolls, Cu/Zn, vit D, H-cyst +....  $695 w/  Phys. Consult

BrainChem1 (Methyl Pnl)   Histamine, h-cyst, B-12, folate......$150

BrainTrak1 Markers for Alzheimer's...save $215 OFF   $295 Exec+ ft3,ft4,TPO,ATG,H-cyst, CRP, Insulin1, vit. B12/fol, ferritin, Iron panel, hemoglobin A1c., Rheum factor..15+ of the 45 criteria Dr. Bredesen shows are key to reversing / preventing mental decline. See PubMed # 25324467 

BrainTk2: BT1+  PlakTrak, fibrin, Hvy Metals  $270 OFF..$485

BacTrak1 Tot. IgA,G,M, CMV. Incr. CHD/AD ….$35 off.. $115   BacTrak2  H-py3, C-Pneumonia, CMV, Tot. Immuglob...$115 OFF ... $230

H-Pylori 3 linked to cancer, Ht.atk/stroke.    $160 online ....$95* Got Migraines, skin probs. & auto-immune diseases?  Additional 15 min. wait.

DUTCH complete  40+ M/F sex & stress hormones & more$375* Energy Sleep Fatigue Mood Sex  Headache Anxiety  Memory   Brain Fog   W eight Gain Low Testo   Skipping   Facial Hair   Acne? DHEA, Testosterone & Estrogens incl KEY 4-OH & 16-OH metabolites plus Oxidative Stress (8-OHdG) & neuro-trans Melatonin, Dopamine, Serotonin, and 3 tests for B12, B6 and glutithione deficiency. Incl one session health coaching. 

Adrenal Stress Test 4x Cort. 15-test panel. Urine... $135*

ALCAT  200food, .5hr consult. Call MSS 1wk b4. alcat.com..$450* Got IBS, wt. gain, migraines, fatigue, ADHD,auto-immune or joint pain?

Hair Analysis Trace Elements.com  8 heavy metals +.... $95* 28 minerals (incl strontium) written eval. + booklet.  2+  week turn around. (Hair Analysis Trace Elements.com)

Brain CA-125…$50     Free/tot. Testo w/SHBG…$65     

OmegaTrak (omega-3 %)...$50*           Est., Prog., Test.…$45ea.    

TSH/FREE T4…$35 Cystatin-C...$851   

Ferritin.. $35   

Fibrinogen.. $45   

H-globinA1c.. $35  


Rev. T3.... $55   

FREE T3…$25  


Blood Type.. $35 PSA...$35       

Magnesium (rbc)...$55   

RBC Folate...$105  

DUTCH Cycle Map (50 tests)..$455* 

DUTCHplus(43)...$490*   see DutchTest.com

1 H-cyst., Insulin,  & Cystatin C: 8-12hr fasting preferred.    

2  KidneyTrak: Avoid Exercise w/in 24 hrs.  

3 No PPIs / anti-biotics / bismuth for 2wks.1-hr. Fast. Contains aspartame         

Take $10 OFF 4+ regular Price TESTS!                          

THYROID add-on SPECIAL......Ferritin, B12/folate, iron pnl...$7

Screening Services are scheduled at BE Natural Market in Boone, N.C.

Appointments preferred.
Cash Check HSA/MC/Visa +3%

Most results will be available in one week.   

THE END of Alzheimer's!

by Medical Screening Services

Results -  “My memory is better than when I was 30.  I'm back to work and traveling the world.” - “My cognitive ability went from 3 to 84 percentile!

*Newly published research on a personalized, drug free approach shows HUNDREDS achieving lasting improvement in their ability to drive, reason and remember!

Why wait 10 years for more research?Presented by Ray Fritsch

Ray Fritsch, aka “The Blood Guy”, who co-founded Medical Screening Services in 1988, will present this important topic with a fresh, upbeat approach and plenty of documentation. Come learn the root causes of this horrible scourge and get detailed advice straight from Dr. Bredesen's best seller "The End of Alzheimers."

We value audience participation. Full outline & notes provided. Your Labs” will follow along with Q&A.

 Thursday       August 23rd       4 - 5:15  Boone Library      Limited seating

Call Ray at 919-452-5404 for tickets

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